eAnytime state-of-the-art systems and secure automated precision kiosks have patented & patent-pending features and have been enhancing service and reducing the cost of operations since 2000

Pharmacy Patient Self-Service Onwall or Counter Kiosk: Created to enable a new patient using a pharmacy provided Patient Identification Number (PIN) to self-initiate on their first visit their Electronic Patient Record (EPR) which houses patient identification, contact information, prescriptions filled and available for refill, for patients to be able to self-pay in full or co-pay for prescriptions eliminating the need for pharmacy staff to collect payment and for the person receiving the prescriptions identity to be verified so that pharmacy staff is certain that the prescription given to the person is “from the hand the pharmacist to the hand of the patient”. The kiosk is designed to interact with all pharmacy systems with an eAnytime® provided custom interface. Patients can call the pharmacy or request to refill a prescription through the Internet, scan at the kiosk their pharmacy provided PIN and a finger for identity verification and access a list of their filled and available for refill prescriptions, select the prescriptions that they requested to be filled or initiate a request and pay with a credit or debit card or cash (optional), for the prescriptions in full or co-pay, receive a detailed receipt and present it to pharmacy staff to pick up their prescriptions.

Dispensary Medical Marijuana Onwall or Counter Kiosk: Building on our acclaimed eAnytime® Methadone Treatment of Opioid Dependence system, recognized for its features and security controls we created a Medical Marijuana Procurement system and kiosk for patients diagnosed as having treatable ailments for which medical marijuana is prescribed and has a prescription from a licensed doctor. The eAnytime® patient service kiosk is designed to enable new patients on their first visit to self-initiate their Electronic Patient Record (EPR) which houses patient identification, contact information and prescription information filled and available for refill. Patients can select marijuana of choice, quantity 1/8oz, 1/4oz, 1/2oz, 3/4oz, 1oz, and pay at the kiosk for their purchase with cash or prepaid card and authorized credit or debit card and each transaction is posted to the patient’s Electronic Patient Record (EPR). When paid, the patient presents their receipt to dispensary staff to pick up their prescription. eAnytime® kiosks, standalone or networked can enhance patient service, control and account for medical marijuana sales across all systems and provide predefined and ad hoc reports online or printed on demand.