eAnytime state-of-the-art systems and secure automated precision kiosks have patented & patent-pending features and have been enhancing service and reducing the cost of operations since 2000

Pharmacy In-Wall Prescription DropOff™ & PickUp™

Designed so that it can interact with the store pharmacy system, our eAnytime® Medication Dispensing System and, or external systems with an eAnytime® provided custom interface so that it can document the pharmacist who filled the prescriptions, when and who placed the prescriptions in the kiosk and when the patient the picked up the prescriptions, etc. The IN-WALL kiosk was designed to be used by patients during and after pharmacy hours while the store is open. eAnytime® kiosks both the pharmacist and patient and are an effective alternative to keeping the pharmacy open longer than necessary to fill orders. To lookup, DropOff™ or PickUp™ prescriptions, patients scan a store provided barcode ID tag received when they are either registered by pharmacy staff and have their two index fingers scanned or prior to the patient registering and scanning their fingers at an eAnytime® Pharmacy Patient Assistance Kiosk, or in place of a barcode ID, patients can enter a registered Personal Identification Number and scan a finger for identity verification.

At the kiosk, patients can look up prescriptions in their pharmacy record and order refills. Patients are able to DropOff™ prescriptions after the patient is identified and touches the onscreen DropOff™ icon. A receipt and copy is printed with patient information and the patient puts it and the prescription in the envelope provided at the kiosk. After the patient is identified the can touch the onscreen PickUp™ icon and a prescription valid for refill requested to be filled by the patient, called in or prescription(s) transmitted to the pharmacy by a doctor, or deposited in the DropOff™ by the patient or picked up from the kiosk after the patient pays for the prescription in full or co-pay, based on insurance coverage entered in their pharmacy record, with a credit or debit card or cash (optional), the patient opens the locker door removes the SecurShield™ locked locker number is displayed onscreen and unlocks, the prescriptions and when released the door self-closes and relocks. If the patient would like to talk with a pharmacist in the store or at a remote location they can by touching an onscreen icon activated webcam & microphone.

Medical Kiosk          Medical Kiosk 2

Pharmacy Patient Self-Service: eAnytime® kiosks use facility provided Patient Identification Number (PIN) barcode tags for patient IDENTIFICATION, finger scanning for Identity VERIFICATION and Alternate Verification Numbers (AVN) for anyone not able to scan their fingers. After the patient self-Initiates their Electronic Patient Record (EPR) pharmacy staff review the information entered for completeness and enter patient provided prescription from a licensed doctor which the pharmacy retains. eAnytime® Kiosks are MADE IN USA of medical grade stainless steel, have circular key locks, and can be placed on a COUNTER or ON-WALL with our multi-point secure attachment. Kiosks have a built-in computer, Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, a SQL database, SVGA touch-screen, barcode reader, finger scanner, magnetic card reader, optional card scanner optional currency acceptors, speaker for interactive sound and pharmacist-patient interaction, a thermal receipt printer and a UPS/SPD. Kiosks are placed on a COUNTER or ON-WALL, and can be operated standalone or networked using a Server with SQL Database placed on a LAN or WAN. eAnytime® patient service kiosks can significantly enhance and reduce the cost of pharmacy operations.