eAnytime state-of-the-art systems and secure automated precision kiosks have patented & patent-pending features and have been enhancing service and reducing the cost of operations since 2000

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Medical Facility & Pharmacy Systems Feature: MADE IN USA medical grade stainless steel, circular-key locked kiosks with a built-in computer, Microsoft Windows operating system, SQL database & UPS/SPD and a Patient Interaction Panel™ with SVGA touchscreen, barcode reader, finger scanner, optional card scanner, speaker for interactive sound and optional webcam and microphone: Medical & Treatment facility counter or on-wall patient CHECK-IN, DIRECTION & NEW PATIENT REGISTRATION KIOSKS are available with a small attached thermal printer when used in a physical therapy and athletic training facility for instruction. Pharmacist or nurse activated counter MEDICATION DISPENSING KIOSKS with bottles placed in universal holders, a single or dual-channel pump controller, single or dual-head pump or two pumps, from which a medication such as Methadone is dispensed full-strength or with a variable amount of additive or full-strength with a proportional amount of additive through individual SecurShield™ nozzles and each kiosk has attached to it an LED, keyboard with touch pad, barcode reader, finger scanner and a thermal, customized to pharmacy, label printer to at least one kiosk. Also available is a counter or in-wall patient self-service medication dispensing kiosk with dispensing tower in front of the kiosk and a built-in webcam and microphone for resident and remote facilities and counter or on-wall patient SELF-PAYMENT KIOSKS with a magnetic card reader, optional currency acceptor set for currency of choice and a thermal receipt printer at which patients can make payment in full, on account or co-pay with debit or credit card or cash (optional). eAnytime® systems are proven and can enhance and reduce the cost of treatment facility and pharmacy operations.


Pharmacy In-Wall & Freestanding Prescription DropOff™ & PickUp™ Kiosks: The eAnytime® Pharmacy kiosks with a computer prescription DropOff™ and 32 to 64 computer controlled SecurShield™ locked PickUp™ lockers was designed by eAnytime® working with the pharmacy management of leading drug store chains and APPROVED by State Pharmacy Boards, with the State of Ohio Pharmacy Board meeting minutes approving our creation was posted on the Internet in 2001, conditional that the kiosk be used exclusively for prescriptions and be placed in the wall of the pharmacy for a pharmacist to place prescriptions in individual PickUp™ SecurShield™ locked lockers 8”Hx6”W facing the patients so that it can be said when the patient removes their prescription from the locker that it is “from the hand of the pharmacist to the hand of the patient”. Since introduced technology has been upgraded and our newest kiosks are constructed entirely of medical grade stainless steel with diffused light coming from the signage marquee flooding the Patient Interaction Panel™ below. Attached to the kiosk computer facing the pharmacy is an SVGA touchscreen for the pharmacists to see at a glance which lockers are available without having to look into each locker. In addition a tethered or wireless hand-held barcode reader is provided for the pharmacist to scan the prescription barcode label associated with the patient, and the barcode label on the locker in which the patient’s prescription is placed to marry both together.