eAnytime state-of-the-art systems and secure automated precision kiosks have patented & patent-pending features and have been enhancing service and reducing the cost of operations since 2000

Medical & Treatment Facility & Pharmacy


Medical Facility & Pharmacy Medication Dispensing System History: In 2003 eAnytime® Partnered with a prominent medical facility, consulted with medical facilities, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies and in 2005 introduced its acclaimed state of the art Medical Facility & Pharmacy Medication Dispensing System recognized for its unmatched features and security controls, and which comply with all government regulatory and pharmacy board directives and is credited with providing service to thousands of patients and dispensing millions of doses of medication with 100% audited accuracy. Since 2005 our systems have been regularly enhanced and in 2014 we introduced release 7.0. Our proven Medical Facility & Pharmacy Medication Dispensing Systems which can be operated separately or together, either standalone or networked, using a Server with SQL Database on a LAN or WAN and designed to be able to interact with external systems with an eAnytime® provided custom interface. If an organization operates more than one treatment facility with different medication dispensing systems, the eAnytime® system & kiosks is an excellent vehicle to use to standardize medication dispensing. Our systems use assigned barcode numbers for patient and staff IDENTIFICATION, finger scanning for VERIFICATION and an Alternate Verification Number (AVN) if a patient either can’t scan their fingers or it is impossible to obtain a good scan reading for whatever reason.

The eAnytime® Medical facility Electronic Medical Record (EMR) houses patient identification, contact and payment information, self, co-pay or third-party, patient history, doctor prescribed scripts either to be printed and given to a patient, transmitted to a pharmacy of choice and, or accessed by the pharmacy within a treatment facility to dispense individual doses specific to the patient. In addition, the medical facility patient EMR houses doctor, nurse, and counselor notes and more. The Pharmacy Medication Dispensing System patient EMR if not integrated with a medical facility system houses patient identification, contact, payment information, history prescriptions available for refill and more. Patients regularly visiting a Medical facility can check-in and receive same day and future direction and their visits from check-in, services provided, to check-out are tracked and documented to make sure that all patients have expeditious service. The eAnytime® Pharmacy Medication Dispensing System inventories pharmaceutical company and pharmacist prepared medication numbered bottles in vault, placed in a dispensing kiosk, and pre-dispensed take-home dose bottles which when scanned and given to a patient are automatically removed from inventory and posted to the patient’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR).The eAnytime® Medical & Pharmacy systems also documents who qualifies patient to receive onsite doses and when dispensed they are automatically posted to the patient’s EMR record. eAnytime® dispensing systems are designed to be able to interact with in-house pharmacy systems as well as external systems with an eAnytime® custom interface.

When a new patient and program of treatment is entered into the eAnytime® Medication Dispensing System and housed on the server SQL database, abbreviated patient information and the treatment program, changes made to the treatment program or when a new program is entered for a patient it is automatically posted on the dispensing kiosks SQL database. If the LAN or WAN is down, the pharmacist or nurse can access the patients treatment program on the kiosk SQL database, the patient as always, scans their PIN barcode tag for identification, enters their Alternate Verifiable Number (AVN) in place of a finger scan for identity verification, the script program is accessed and the onsite dose for that day is automatically dispensed. If take-home doses were previously dispensed for the patient, the doses are displayed on the LED connected to the kiosk, the pharmacist or nurse scans the bottles and they are posted to the patient record as given. When the LAN or WAN is again up and running, the postings to the kiosk SQL database are automatically uploaded to the SQL database on the server.