eAnytime state-of-the-art systems and secure automated precision kiosks have patented & patent-pending features and have been enhancing service and reducing the cost of operations since 2000


Original Acclaimed Medication Dispensing Kiosks
Credited with dispensing millions of onsite and take-home doses with 100% audited accuracy.

Medical Kiosk Medical Kiosk 2 Medical Kiosk 3

Pharmacist & Nurse Onsite & Take-Home Dose Medication Dispensing, Full Strength or with a Proportional Amount of Additive

Original On-Wall & Counter Self-Payment and Direction Kiosk

Medical Kiosk 4 Medical Kiosk 5 Medical Kiosk 6

Original Income Generating Kiosks
Dry Cleaning, Laundering, Uniform Distribution, Photo Finishing

Reach out to customers through profitable income-generating concessions™

Crystal Dry Cleaning Kiosk Cyber Dry Cleaning Kiosk Finale Touch Cleaners Dry Cleaning Kiosk

Interactive Computer & SecurShield™ Locking DropOff™ & Fixed-Position PickUp™ Kiosks

Kodak Photo finishing opening screen

Original Photo Finishing Screen

Regalia original opening screen example

Original Cleaning Service Screen

Kodak Photo Kiosk Crystal dry cleaninre fixed psition Photo Kiosk

Interactive Computer, Enter thru Internet, Upload, DropOff™ & SecurShield™ Locking Glide™ Drawer PickUp™ or Receive by Mail.

Crystal dry cleaning

Interactive Computer & SecurShield™ Locking DropOff™ & Fixed-Position PickUp™ Kiosk

Original 2000-2010 Dry Cleaning & Photo Customer Service Kiosks

●Introduction ● Customer Identification ● Customer DropOff™ ● Cleaner PickUp™ & Delivery ● Customer PickUp™

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